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My Experience and Thoughts of YouTube

There are soo many videos on YouTube that you can probably search anything you like and you will find something. But the way the video spreads is strange. Funny enough I have a video that I uploaded to YouTube on the 25th … Continue reading

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Week 7 – Mid Module Review (Part One)

Reflecting back at the module so far, I would have to say it has been very promising and has opened up a new world for me. What I mean by this is, I never had any intention of ever writing a blog post … Continue reading

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Success YouTube Can Bring

I personally know somebody who has created his own fame on YouTube and showing off his Parkour skills to the world. His name is name is Tim “Livewire” Shieff and he is a top man. If you just CLICK HERE it will direct … Continue reading

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Embrace the Remix

I have found another video of Kirby Ferguson and this is just as powerful as a recent post of mine. This is shocking and even shows you how jealous people get from the though of stealing idea and the worse … Continue reading

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Everything is a Remix

This is a document we was recommended to watch from out lecture at university. I’m pleased and want to thank her for this because it is telling you how everything humans have created or anything that has been ground breaking … Continue reading

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Week Two – Networks and Sharing Knowledge

The second week has arrived at uni now and to learn more about the Social Technology side of my course. Well to recap on week one I was just talking about Digital Identity’s and how to apply it with your … Continue reading

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Skydiver Felix Baumgartner breaks sound barrier

Today I was sitting in my room just watching TV and then all a sudden I hear my Blackberry Bold 9700 vibrating. I got a private message from my friend via Facebook so I opened it and read the message. … Continue reading

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Problem With Digital Identity

I had recently posted a blog about my university lecture about Digital Identity… Well what I explained was how to come up with a Digital Identity for yourself in a professional manor and various other social media website that are about where … Continue reading

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Week One – Digital Culture, Digital Identity

Today at university was a very interesting lesson because I will be learning about social media in more depth whilst using a Digital Identity. As a user of social media and understand how different users use it was totally different … Continue reading

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