Week One – Digital Culture, Digital Identity

Today at university was a very interesting lesson because I will be learning about social media in more depth whilst using a Digital Identity. As a user of social media and understand how different users use it was totally different to me.

Well the module is called MSc Research in Emerging Technologies but we are looking in to the Social Technology side of the module.

Online Identity

Many of us use social media like Facebook or Twitter as they are the most common social media, but using it professionally is different. Everybody is assigned in having an Online Identity and to use these functions that are available to you. In-order to create a user account in a professional manor the user name is an important factor because this is what people will see. When creating a user name it would be obvious to use your first name and last name because it is professional but there is a massive chance that it would be taken because of professional reason or more commonly people do have the same name as you which would be the obvious guess…. so choose a name that reflects you or even your interests. When it comes to picking passwords you sometimes wonder what to set as the password.. what I tend to do is just have about 3 or 4 different password and just keep them very similar so you don’t totally forget it all together!!! We don’t want that to happen because we hate security questions!!

Once you have picked the Online Identity just use that same Online Identity where you go as it sound a lot more professional 😀


At this moment in time is I am using WordPress and this is how I will be blogging about what has been happening or even can be study based but the honest truth is this would be my first EVER serious blog soo be warned. I just see it as expressing myself 🙂

Starting up with WordPress is like another website which requires a user and password.. this is where the Digital Identity comes into play. Since you have created a user name that is suitable for professional reasons why not try and use it again to see if it is available but if not its not too much a worry just pick one that is similar but you will find in most cases that it will be possible that once you have found yourself a identity it has not been used at all.

WordPress is effectively my own website where people can have look at. Since it is possible to take full control of the layout of the website using the customise tools what are available makes it feel more private in a way where you feel like your a boss B-). It is is possible to change everything to how you want it.


This social media is a very powerful tool. This is where it is possible to talk to the member that you would never think about talking too… but that is only if they want to reply to you haha but you never know :D. It is possible to even get it the Twitter app on your mobile android phones and can access this all on the walk. Pictures can be uploaded real time and get shared or retweeted.

But also you can follow famous people and understand how they spend there days with there tweets which get uploaded. Importantly you will need to find these people. All you need to is search for there name and the likelihood is that you will find him or her. Many famous people have a blue tick and that is to verify the user is not a fake user. Not only can you follow famous people you can even follow people that are more of a interest to yourself. All of these members you follow will tweet but you will come across some that are very funny and you want to spread the word within your network that you are building. So it is important to state all off this so you have followers.

As a beginner to all of this Twitter and tweets I firstly created a Digital Identity (once again that word appears) you are ready to begin. There are a few fundamentals which you will have to learn and pick up easily starting with;

  • Tweets –  You can not exceed 140 character messages
  • Retweet (RT) – This is a tool where you can spread something that has been uploaded. It is just a way of giving props to the member who made you chuckle.
  • Feeds – The more people you follow the more feeds you will get on your homepage and this is where you can Retweet to give the member credit or props as I mentioned above.
  • Mention (@) – A way of including or referring someone in the tweet. The way you do this, you place a @ sign followed by the username of the member. It is a way of discussing with other users at the in a public world. Example @nabeelmalik89. This is my person twitter account.
  • Direct Message (DM) – This is a way of directly getting in touch with the member in a private way and can only be used if the user is follows you
  • Hashtag (#) – Its a unique way of getting a mass audience talking about a particular topic all at the same time. It can be used during a live moment happening on TV such as #xfactor with a community on there that you have never come across but are all watching the same program and this is where you can express you views and where you could RT.

Also making sure that your bio is updated and a picture has been uploaded to make it seem more genuine and possible that the people you are following follow you back so get your bio sorted out!!

Well this is it.. my first blog completed 🙂

I hope you enjoy but I feel it is a bit too formal… Once I feel comfortable then who knows what I will start to typeee


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2 Responses to Week One – Digital Culture, Digital Identity

  1. Helen says:

    This is a great post! I’ll show this to my students next semester when they are starting out. Thanks for writing such a useful, clear, informative post 🙂

    p.s. I’m expecting great things from you… no pressure 😉

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