Problem With Digital Identity

I had recently posted a blog about my university lecture about Digital Identity… Well what I explained was how to come up with a Digital Identity for yourself in a professional manor and various other social media website that are about where you should apply the identity too.

When looking at Digital Identity the first thing that comes to mind would be me all over the internet with an identity that could be found by user internet users. This is a thought which really does worry me since there are a lot of scam and hackers dotted all around the world and never the less they could even be people that live just down the road from where you are located.

The most frightening thing about the internet when it comes to identity is that it is very easily possible to create a web identity under your own name but it is equally possible to create a identity for a family or friend. This is the problem because there are users that will create an account under your own name and you possible would not know about this. But to top the problem off, there are people out there that I have labelled “weirdos” because they would sit infront of  a computer and will search for photos using Google images and would then go on social website such as Facebook and would make a fake identity about the user and will add many different people to make this seem legit. At first glance you would never think of it especially if you are not looking out for it but sometimes it is soo in your face you just want to report it but they are not harming you in any form of way so I tend to just ignore it and check it out see what it is saying lol.

These accounts could be used in many different ways…. to stalk there boyfriends or girlfriends. That is EXTREMELY wrong but when you think about it… it is a really good way of understanding how your partner acts when they are not about.


This could range from a female creating an account making it all legit adding her man and private message him and sit and wait for the reply (that’s if they do send a message) then make out you want to meet them at a hotel haha something absolutely crazy like that!!


Know you know what the worry is about these identity’s most commonly on the internet where you can a lot but if not almost then everything! But you know what really kills it off.. that these social media apps that are easily accessible since they are on your phones so it just means you can consistently stalk or even worse you can use you fake digital identity on the walk!!!

Enjoy 😀

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2 Responses to Problem With Digital Identity

  1. clarewells says:

    Think your point about how people can pretend to be you is really interesting, because the only real way to circumvent this is to make sure you already have an online presence, especially on sites like twitter where every username has to be unique. For example, when my father set up his own business he made a twitter account with the company name- not because he planned to use it but so no-one could ever pretend to be his company.

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