Skydiver Felix Baumgartner breaks sound barrier

Today I was sitting in my room just watching TV and then all a sudden I hear my Blackberry Bold 9700 vibrating. I got a private message from my friend via Facebook so I opened it and read the message. As I was reading it and I started to laugh cause all he wrote was “oi u watchin tht freefall from space??!!!”. So I decided to call him up and asked him what this all about he replied some guy is going to jump from the edge of space.. a freefall! Once I heard that I asked for the link and immediately got it via Facebook. I managed to load the link around 5 mins before he was about to jump so I didn’t miss it after all the farting about on the phone. So I got it on and watched it and found it pretty damn crazy.. especially with the view he had and also the drop he had to face!!

I cant exactly find put the live link up but I come across a good clip which is loaded up on BBC website.

Defiantly worth the watch!! INSANE!!!!


There is a video and a little more information about the capsule he was inn.



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