My Experience and Thoughts of YouTube

There are soo many videos on YouTube that you can probably search anything you like and you will find something. But the way the video spreads is strange. Funny enough I have a video that I uploaded to YouTube on the 25th July 2007.

Here is the screenshot taken on the 31st October 2012 at 22:08pm. I am noting this because now I have a reference to check from and also I personally wonder how long it will take to reach 70,000 views. This is a personal thing but won’t mean nothing to anybody else. This could even be a reason why users uploads.. just to see what the world think of it?? You never know what there thoughts are or intentions are.

When I did upload the video for the first time I personally didn’t think much of it and neither did I promote this via any social media website. Then one day I check it and then gradually the views started to picking up and comments started to flood in and here is me thinking I have put this on the net just because I personally didn’t want to lose the file as it only took me a few attempts and also I don’t do none of that stuff but my friends just failed at it. Well here it is….

When you create and upload the video and in my case, I have some how managed to get soo many views and I did not expect that at all to be honest. I actually laugh at that figure when I see it because its just soo random in my eyes that this video of mine has reached that value of views. When you surf around on YouTube you find videos that have not got half the amount I have. But people love it. Some people love it that much the comments they leave make you laugh. For example the most liked comment on my video is amazing but there are some people who dislike it because they hate this particular vault but then you have others that like it. I also even got asked by YouTube to keep uploading videos for money but obviously this was just a one off but can you image that just getting paid for creating and uploading videos but it has to be consistent so every week I would presume. You even get response videos just like rivalry saying this is better or you will find something that is very similar or a similar distance I covered but all this has come after my video went viral.

From just sharing this file it made me want to share more but the bottom line is, if I had to do that vault again I would fail with spectacular style so I don’t bother.. I don’t even like hospitals either so ill just pass. I should just go and do long jump I reckon I would have been good at that haha..  But you can understand why it is so popular to upload video.. essentially it is like having fame but in a different way. For example you have EpicMealTime who just cook/construct INSANE meal that you would not even think off and then the group will eat it all but there is a new video every week. It seems like a full time job so ensuring the demand is there and not forgetting about the fans cause they are the ones making this happen. Subscribing to these channels just means you will be able to watch all the videos and be informed about there recent uploads rather than you having to find his YouTube channel. Another example is FPSRussia he is another individual that has created his internet fame by shooting guns at targets that he had set up. He will also unload a new video every week. This is once again cause of YouTube and the fan base he has accumulated which will equals money for everyone more specifically YouTube and FPSRussia himself. All of these started from nothing and they have managed to establish themselves, from this the fan base will increase but then somebody will go out and create and upload a video to see if he/she can get the same amount of views and become a YouTube sensation overnight.

Whilst on YouTube you even find clips from the users that have generated millions of views and have become an all time great and gets aired on TV. There TV program is called RudeTube were they will find clips and make a TV program out of it with a presenter doing a count down from 100. Using this as an example and it just shows you what people would do to find themselves on TV. So they will upload a video and hope it is TV worthy so they get the part time fame they desperately seek, but most of these clips on this program are one off but are a massive hit and this is where all the spin off happen along with the remixes. But to be fair some off them are good so you cant complain but some them are like why did you even do this!!! You have ruined it!!!

The way this information spreads is via social media and blogs… this is where anybody can discuss a topic in this case a video. Blogs can be accessed from all around the world from anybody and with somebody just mentioning that this video is worth a watch in there blog and with his followers that may be located all around the world will change the rating and views of that particular video. The video will then be shared even more via social media again by the viewers who enjoyed it. In some cases it may just be you have stumbled across the video as you was just surfing. In some cases it can be used as a source of scouting for good talent from just filming and uploading films themselves but depends on how consistent they can be with there skill. Some can just be one hit wonders and some can just continue to make videos because they have a good fan base behind them.

But then you have people around the world who are purposely trying to create there fame via YouTube by creating programs or even have video blogs to promote there video that would include there pet or something daft like that. It hard to say what they really want but just having the power to actually share your work with the world is a sense of achievement because of all the praises that you will get and obviously the negative feedbacks too but that’s the nature of these websites. You win some and you lose some. The power of a camera or a webcam is undoubted fundamental but what we can do with these devices or gadgets, it give us something different or even a way to express ourself in a way we wouldn’t usually. When we are outside in public you only come across an extremely small audience and we don’t exactly want to go over and start to tell them about your mood or even the video you have created or recorded because it is not what we do. By giving the public access to upload and share files opens up a new gateway of expressing yourself. The net is full of random information and YouTube is practically the same because all you have to do is search and you will find something.

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