Success YouTube Can Bring

I personally know somebody who has created his own fame on YouTube and showing off his Parkour skills to the world. His name is name is Tim “Livewire” Shieff and he is a top man. If you just CLICK HERE it will direct you to his channel and watch all his videos…. Trust me you wont be disappointed. Put it this way he is the World Champion and 2 times Red Bull Art of Motion Winner.

The first time I met Livewire he was already brilliant at Parkour and was already recording and uploading videos on to YouTube. When I watched his videos I loved it and gave him a “Like” and left a positive comment at the end.. But on the other hand there were people asking for advise from different countries from all around the world via YouTube comment box. Also he met up with some amazing Freerunners/Parkour from around the world and just chill. Go out to various different locations where he regularly trains or even share techniques.

As I have seen this happen in front of my own eyes where someone has built his fame from just showing off his talent via the internet, social media more importantly using YouTube where it is all visual and audio. This is important because YouTube dominate the social side for uploading videos from anybody at any time and once the video has been uploaded it will be exposed to the world where anybody can watch the video.

I can remember seeing his status on Facebook with the link saying watch new video and by the time you know it has 1000’s views then go on the same video the following day it’s reached 10,000 and all of this is just though Facebook and YouTube and eventually reaching millions of views. With all the comments he gets and people commenting saying “I love it, we need more videos..keep it up” will obviously make you upload more video because you have established yourself on YouTube but from all of this and becoming a world champion just shows you where it could lead you. Also he loves the sport so why not give what the fans what they want and that is more insane videos… So thanks Livewire, Keep them coming :D.

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