Week 7 – Mid Module Review (Part One)

Reflecting back at the module so far, I would have to say it has been very promising and has opened up a new world for me. What I mean by this is, I never had any intention of ever writing a blog post and neither did I see myself using Twitter. All this comes under social media/technology and this is all new to me.

Contribution’s so far?

Based on my own judgement I would have to say I have not made much of an impact as I would have liked.. But having said this I am still trying my hardest to get myself involved but it is not that easy. The way to justify this point would be starting with reading my blog posts. They are all random and all the topics are different, by this I am minimising my learning capabilities and not allowing myself to look deeper into the topics. By this I am stopping myself and losing out on an opportunity to share knowledge amongst others. But what I have been doing is sharing my own opinion but not elaborating on this matter using external resources to broaden my own knowledge and helping others. .. furthermore I am limiting myself. We was given #mscret a hash tag using Twitter were we can post any useful information but I still need to use this tag a long with my studies because of the benefits behind it.

My highlights so far?

The best way to answer this question would be by starting of with, I have started to blog as much as I can. So getting past this barrier and producing at least one blog has become the least of my worries.

I would have to say Week 6 about spreadable media is something that sticks in mind and interested me the most out of everything we have covered so far. Having a guest speaker Hugh Garry from BBC come in and giving us a presentation about what he has knows made it very simple to understand. Not only did he do a presentation but he was also explain about the failures and getting yourself out there. This has had a big impact on me because there are so many people out there today that are facing the problem of failing and not continuing but with out failing you can’t move forward. It is not hard to get yourself out there but depends on how you get yourself out there and this is what it boils down to. Having a niche is important and this audience is the one that will help you on this journey and by receiving any form of feedback is important when taking the next step.

The least interesting part of this subject has to be the digital identity. I understand that this is very important factor and their are people out there that get suckered into this whole digital identity problem but the bottom line is you should not be talking to people that you don’t really know via the internet unless you know 100% that the user is genuine. When I was learning about digital identity it was not exactly boring but it was something I was aware of in the first place and this topic has loads of stories rather than understanding. The understanding behind it in my opinion is… Make sure you select a good digital identity that makes it clear for all the other user who you are and having a picture does help.

Aims for the rest of the module?

My aim for the rest of the subject has to be using Twitter more and having better blog posts. Also start to use other social media website to get myself out there and updating various other sites such as Diigo and Linkedin to establish myself. I feel I need to contribute more when it comes to sharing information and the best way to do would be by being involve with the latest gossips that are taking place. Also try and include references in my blogs so users can have a read of what I have been reading and share this on the hash tag #mscret and also share on Diigo.

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2 Responses to Week 7 – Mid Module Review (Part One)

  1. Helen says:

    Hey don’t be too hard on yourself! I think you’ve made a great contribution to the sessions as you always engage and pose interesting questions – and you brought Parkour into the classroom! 😉 This is a great reflection, as you’ve obviously got a very good understanding of areas for improvement such as getting going on Twitter (you won’t regret it – ask Zoe about her questionnaire responses tomorrow). Looking forward to seeing you develop even further as the module progresses!

  2. nmalik89 says:

    Hey, thanks for the reply… Its nice to hear that I am contriubituing after thinking to myself I have not done much so thanks 🙂
    I prefer to be hard on myself because if I don’t I will not learn and also its just a way of motivating myself and get myself in the right frame of mind to complete my work.

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