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Speadable Media Project

I’ve had a long thought about this spreadable media project where I have to produce 3 different artefacts. The whole purpose of this project is to spread our artefacts so it becomes viral. There are many problems with this and … Continue reading

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Social Media inc YouTube and more – Post Two

When looking at YouTube it is something that can make fame for user in the world where everyone is trying to get some form of fame. A fellow class mate Veeto Wang has uploaded a blog with the title called YouTube is … Continue reading

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Digital Identity to a different level

As we already know and I have mentioned in previous posts about the dangers of Digital Identities and the problems it can inflict of peoples lives. Well I was reading the news and I had come across this horrible article and explains an … Continue reading

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YouTube Challenge – Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel has a late night talk show in America and has created a YouTube challenge which is aimed at the public. He gets the audience to create video doing a prank on your loved ones and upload them.. Good … Continue reading

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Spreadable Media

Today we had a guest who will be doing a presentation about Spreadable Media. Our guest name is Hue Garry. The title of the presentation was called “Everything is Permeable”. We was given a few examples and one that stood out the most … Continue reading

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Gangnam Robot

I was just reading Sky News today on my phone and come across this this article in the “Strange” category. The article is called Gangnam Gets Robot Into The Groove. The robot is programmed to listen out to the beat of the … Continue reading

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