Spreadable Media

Today we had a guest who will be doing a presentation about Spreadable Media. Our guest name is Hue Garry. The title of the presentation was called “Everything is Permeable”.

We was given a few examples and one that stood out the most was Group Thinking. This is very powerful because one person on the internet that can trigger this. It is like jumping on the bandwagon and start to insult someone. This usually starts with one person openly commenting about someone and people will see this as a reason to continue.

Also was talking about getting yourself out there and collect your rewards for it. Telling us different ways for example with Instagram they had programmed half of the program and send it out and got feedback from it on a daily basis and learned and developed from there.   Making videos for YouTube, for example, spin off video of something popular at the time just to be apart of the whole hype or even a previous hit.

Nobody likes to fail but in this field or market it is very easy but you never know. The way spreadable media works in this case would be by trying again and use the feedback given or the criticism to your advantage. You are using a bigger network this time so use the information and work out who your audience are and design around that. People will always fail it just depends how you bounce back from it.

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  1. Helen says:

    This is what i love about class blogging – you all pick out completely different things from one session, and between us all we have it covered 🙂 It’s really interesting seeing what sticks in different people’s minds. I’ve just read http://anthonyminshull.wordpress.com/2012/11/06/hugh-garry-lecture/ and Anthony picked up on completely different aspects of the talk. Great stuff – from both of you.

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