Speadable Media Project

I’ve had a long thought about this spreadable media project where I have to produce 3 different artefacts. The whole purpose of this project is to spread our artefacts so it becomes viral. There are many problems with this and firstly it would have to be something that is appealing and is watchable because if not it wouldn’t spread the way I would like.

There are many videos on YouTube but not all of them are exactly “exciting” and we as users tend to only watch videos if the opening is good and will resume watching the remainder of the video if not we turn it off. This is the worry for me… I want it to me something that is watchable. When looking at my video on YouTube, it is a short video and has been viewed a fair few times but has accumulated over the years. I want it to have the same effect as that has had. But the main reason it has a fair view hits is because it is less than 10 seconds.

Having a quick discussion about this problem with my amazing teacher Helen Keegan, she sat down and discussed this problem I was facing. It was very useful as she asked me what I am into and from there was suggesting idea with me. Very productive thanks J

Idea 1:

I am considering making a quick video linked with martial arts and preferably get my friends to have a sparring match and use the clip to remix it with sound effects that the majority of the audience is familiar with. The style would be a bit like a Street Fighter sound effects or possibility Mortal Kombat. I could even make the sound effects sound resembles cheesy old school martial arts film. Here is a quick example I found on YouTube…

Idea 2:

Parkour Video. Knowing a few people who are into this sport helps considerably but getting time to record would be the only challenge since I don’t really know their timetable. Having them doing a bit of freestyle or something of their interest is always open.

Having a few members go around an obstacles course that have no experience with Parkour and someone with Parkour experience to show them how it should be done. The point of the video is to prove that Parkour is the best way to get around on a daily basis.

Idea 3:

I have two friends who are good on the guitar but one of them is just silly good. That is the best way to describe him. I will be speaking with him and arrange a time and place to record him playing random sounds.

I have not decided what I would like him to do yet.

I might just ask him to play random songs on his guitar or get him to do a mini tutorial but it is still work in progress and discussing this shouldn’t be an issue.

How to spread the video?

The way I was planning to spread my video was going to be using social media and possibly upload the video to my YouTube account. Using my Facebook account would help massively and having my followers on Twitter would contribute. Having my blog will most defiantly help since I get views on my account everyday and by having just one person clicking on the blog could also help spread the word.

I have not thought too much on how to spread this media but understanding the fundamental in my opinion is very important.


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