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Audio Post Production

We have finally got all the samples together and have been plugged into out finally project. All we have remaining is the mix, surround sound and creating a making of video. We may have to create one or two more … Continue reading

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Spreadable Media – Post One

I have finally uploaded my very first artefact for the module on to YouTube. (there are many more videos that have been uploaded from our class mates so click here to see them :D) This artefact I have uploaded is a video of my … Continue reading

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Talking about Week 4 – Troll

Week 4 we had a guest speaker and she was talking about Brazilian Culture and the one subject that cause my eye the most was the troll. If you’re not aware of troll, well I have attached this link so have a … Continue reading

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Audio Post Production – So Far

Recording I went around Media City and started to collate sound necessary for our film. This was important because we need to have everything ready the December 7th as we are following an action plan, so we can start the mix. … Continue reading

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