Audio Post Production – So Far


I went around Media City and started to collate sound necessary for our film. This was important because we need to have everything ready the December 7th as we are following an action plan, so we can start the mix. We had booked out a camera and also a tape recorder, more specifically a Panasonic 151 along with a Marantz 550. The tape record was set so it was recording 32 bit, MP3 and 44.1Hz and we used it to capture all the sound. The video recorder was taken out because once it comes to making the “Making of Video” we can use these clips and add them to the video for a better film. We had got together on Wednesday and went through all of the sounds we collated and renamed them so it makes it easier for use to locate.

Chopping up recordings collated

The other day we had renamed all of the sound clips that we had gathered so it made it easier for use to locate but he duration of audio track is not needed so therefore I have taken all of the sound clips home and downloaded Audacity on the my computer so I can start to chop up all of these audio tracks so the correct size and duration needed.

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