Talking about Week 4 – Troll

Week 4 we had a guest speaker and she was talking about Brazilian Culture and the one subject that cause my eye the most was the troll.

If you’re not aware of troll, well I have attached this link so have a quick read. To me it is the internet tough guy and will always be there and will irritate you!! It can be done in real life with your friends, you can troll them into believing something that is absolutely daft or making him does something that you clearly shouldn’t do but you made out it is safe.

I was just on the internet and this video has gone viral and has accumulated over 34 million views. This is just a massive troll and is shot in Brazil. We was told from our guest speaker that trolling is not considered too much of a problem but in the UK it is. I find this very astonishing because it is just wrong.

I have attached two videos about this so called “troll” and it is not the greatest situation to be in.

This video was from a few years back but here is another example of a troll which I find ridiculous and do feel sorry for the woman, but it is humorous at the same time.

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2 Responses to Talking about Week 4 – Troll

  1. pearmana says:

    Have to agree that the concept of trolling does seem to be much more relaxed in other countries than in the UK. Having been victim to some light internet trolling in my time, as I suppose most people have at some point or other, I can say that it can get pretty irritating, although I have never experienced it that badly. Saying that, I have heard stories about trolling being taken way too far, and ending very badly.

    • nmalik89 says:

      I agree with you there, it is very easy to get trolled when it shouldn’t be. Your right there it can end very bad but in different countries they don’t see this issue ie in Brazil where it is totally acceptable but its like they have forgotten it is a form of bullying!!! Makes me sick

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