Spreadable Media – Post One

I have finally uploaded my very first artefact for the module on to YouTube. (there are many more videos that have been uploaded from our class mates so click here to see them :D)

This artefact I have uploaded is a video of my friend playing a Justin King song on his guitar. It is impressive and is unique the way he plays. He is playing his guitar and slapping it at the same damn time!!

It has been uploaded for one day already and has accumulated 14 views so far. I want this to spread because it is very good and sure people would admire his work.

Here is the link for the video

Hope you enjoy it, don’t forget to leave comments and likes :p

How I plan to spread?

I have uploaded the video on to YouTube and the key to spreading this video would have to be the tags and words. Example Acoustic, Guitar and also the title I have used, I TRIED to make it unique by using the words like Justin King as he is a popular search.

The other way I have is using Twitter and bit.ly to shorten the URL so it fits in one tweet. I will be using this as a way to spread as I am trying to create a network for myself where I will get people within the same field or even random people to follow me to either re-tweet my work amongst their users.

Facebook is important as I have already built a network on there over the years and have already got friends and family from different parts of the world. I feel this is important because it is a way to spread amongst a bigger audience. So I have shared the link over Facebook and gave it to friends to share.. We will see what happens from there.

I usually go on this forum called The Rogan Board and you can upload videos on to there so I have uploaded the video and we shall see what happen from there. This site has been around for a while and has a massive audience but there is little you can do from there apart from just wait and see the views increase over night.

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3 Responses to Spreadable Media – Post One

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  2. antmin says:

    I really admire your friend Justin King’s guitar technique and style; being a guitarist I I know how difficult this type of playing is and the amount of dedication/hours must have gone into practicing. I have seen this guitar playing style before, with a guitarist called Ben Howard, and also Zororo tweeted a YouTube link of a brilliant guitarist In Zimbabwe showing a similar guitar concept, however with this guitar technique, as with being a guitarist in general, I feel you do need to make a certain style your own, and your mate Justin certainly does that.

    • nmalik89 says:

      Thanks ill be passing the message on Tom (not Justin LOL).

      Also I have seen that video Zororo tweeted that was very impressive it seen soo natural to her.

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