Audio Post Production

We have finally got all the samples together and have been plugged into out finally project. All we have remaining is the mix, surround sound and creating a making of video. We may have to create one or two more foley just to make the project sound better but it is not too much of a issue..

The mix and surround sound will all come in due time but finding time as a group is essential. I feel that we have done all we can so far but their is still a long way to go to completing this project but allowing ourself around 3 or 4 day max it would be 100% complete. But nothing till after new years now according to our plan of action.

I cant wait, cause this project is good fun and brand new to me and I am surprised at what I am capable of doing as this is totally brand new to me. It just shows if you work hard at it you will just adapt to the situation and you will pick up new skills quickly 🙂


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