Spreadable Media Artefact 1 Analytics’s

With my first artefact, it was my friend Tom playing Andy McKee and was uploaded on 9th Dec 2012. It has been 1 month since this video has been uploaded to I decided to have a look a the analytic’s behind the video.

ImageSo looking at the image above it shows there have been 217 viewers since this video has been uploaded.

The method used to spread my media was though Facebook, Twitter, Blog and asking friends to share. The moment I placed the video on the Rogan Board it was then the views shot up but now it has slowed down and it gets a view here and there. This video has not influenced anybody to subscribe to the channel.


Here are the other statistics of the video after 1 month. 3 likes and 4 shares… not bad lol


Here is the view stats of the video. I believe that the views here may have got influenced by the Rogan Board because it is a forum website so therefore could explain the countries with the few hits. UK at the top because I am from the UK and all my friend contacts on social media are mainly based in the UK with the odd family friends else where.


The statistic above show, this video has been watched using a embedded player. As I previously mentioned how it could be linked to Rogan Board well the statistic are all there. Embedded player on other websites, That accumulated almost half of the views. Facebook and Twitter played part in this specific statistic. Surprising mobile devices have a few hits, this could be me or my mates shows our other friends the view as we don’t have a laptop or a desktop on site!!


Here is the average of how long people are listening to the audio piece that I have uploaded. As you can see the average was only 41sec from a 2:17 min video. I believe this is soo low partly because of  the duration of the video and it is only someone playing the guitar and people have already seen guitar players and this is just adding to the collection. Having 41 seconds is good because you can turn it of when you want but actually listening to it for a about a min if more than enough.


Trying to get information about the demography is causing a problem as it is not available again and has not been though out my work so I can’t understand the full extent of the video. Age group and gender would be important because it would be possible to do research and see what age groups watch the video and to see if it is mails or females that watch it.

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