Spreadable Media Project – Update

Finally, I have all the recording done for my spreadable media project. All that need to be done is the editing.

As I am required to put on 2 more different artefacts instead there will be a 4 or 5 as I have recorded it using a mobile phone. This project is a tutorial video off Andy Mckee – Drifting played by my friend, but has been done in a way where their is no talking but instead just showing a close up view of what strings he is hitting and secondly he was not up for talking in the video and argued his case… as he learns using videos off YouTube he hates it when they talk and how its annoying so decided to take another approach and see how well this method of learning is.

The second artefact is another video for YouTube. I have a video on YouTube that was uploaded about 5 years ago and the view rate is quite high. So I decided to create a tutorial video about the clip and including the physics behind that jump. I’ve never done a tutorial video before but I am looking forward to see these responses.

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