Spreadable Media Artefact 2

As I mentioned in a previous blog about obtaining all of the footage for my artefacts….. well the editing part did not seem too hard and the videos are very basic. This is only because I don’t usually do editing and it certainly is not my strong point but I do understand the basics to edit.

This artefact is my friend is giving a tutorial of Andy McKee Drifting but learn visually instead of him stopping and talking every 2 mins and he just played the song but with different camera angles.

So I have just finished editing the footage and how have to render the video but the problem is the duration of these renders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rederingThis is the duration I have to wait but not to worry it is only going up!!! So it seems like I will have to wait around for the video to be rendered and the best thing is all the other parts to this video don’t require any editing and we caught it all in one take and has made this a lot simpler.

Program Used

To edit my videos I opted for Sony Vegas Pro 11 because this is the only one that work on my laptop! I was originally going to use Pro Tools 10 but do not have access to it and my second option was to use Adobe Premiere but that requires a 64bit computer and unfortunately mine is a 32bit so Sony Vegas it is.

The copy I used is a trail version and worked wonders for me. But not exactly the greatest.

Camera Used

The use of the good old iPhone 4s. These clip are recorded using a mobile phone becuase of the way the tutorial is laid out. The whole point of the video is to capture the sequence played in different parts so the views can see what string is getting played at what moment. Since it is a tutorial of a song, we decided to break up the videos into different parts that you need to learn. In total their will be 6 parts to this video.

Reason behind so many clips

The main reason behind it is to do a little experiment and see it the viewers continue watching all the parts one after another. This would be a good test to see if the video content is actually good or is it doomed from the very beginning.

The use of YouTube 

This clips will be uploaded to YouTube. The reason I choose YouTube has to be because there so many different tutorials on there and instantly there is competition. Also, with YouTube it is possible to add captions and since their are 6 different files I could link them all together so the viewer have no choice but to watch the video and the excuse of… “I can’t find part 2” … is out of the equation (well that’s the whole point, may not even work). Using key words would help and with my artefact 1 being the same video but just broken down into stages helps because they already know the person behind the guitar and if they do like him then surely the will watch on and learn from him just watching visually.

The use of social technology

Facebook and Twitter would be the main social media sites that will be used. Here I have my friend list and the options to share or re-tweet and will prove vital. The whole purpose if  putting these videos on the net is to see how well these videos will spread. The use of my blog will also be important since I have a people from around the world reading my work. I will be using the Rogan Board and it did help increase the view counts. Consider using Reddit but and see how well it goes on there.

I’m still waiting for a exact time for this to be finished!!!!Render 2This video clip is only 1 mins 20 seconds and worrying part is my artefact is around 12-15 mins long!!!!!! Need a faster computer big time!

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