8ft Dash Vault – Video Analytic

I will be discussing the video analytics behind my video. It has been uploaded for 5 years and since i’ve never check the figures so I thought id just share it.

Firstly here is the video


Here the the view count and looking back at a previous post of mine called “My Experience and Thoughts of YouTube” dating back to 31st October 2012. It clearly shows there is a problem with the view count but working but when search for the video on YouTube it give a different count. From 66,747 at the end of October and 66,867 current shows it is still getting watched but at a steady pace.

30 days

In the last 30 days it shows the video has been watched 30 times working out to be around 6 minutes.

EngagementHere is a little information about the engagement of the video over 5 years. It has accumulated over 100 likes and a few dislikes. With over 100 comment with some of them silly but funny and video has been shared 7 times. People have even added the video to there favourites but 17 viewers sadly removed it.


Looking at the map above it just shows off a few of the top countries that have watched my video. America are leading with 18k+ and UK with 9k+. It just shows the video went over seas and did very well and with some of the local countries in Europe only have a few 2000 and below. This indicated that America are more into Parkour or they just enjoy surfing YouTube.


Looking at the average view duration and knowing the duration of the video is 11 seconds long it indicates the average is 111.7% which means everybody watched the full duration of the video and even more. Pretty proud of that.


The image above is representing the lifetime of the video and just shows you exactly where my video has been played and sitting on top is YouTube. surprising my the video has been watched on a  mobile phone more time than embedded player. I would have though from sharing it would have been second. Then finally YouTube channel page at the bottom.


Even in the last 30 days it shows the platforms the video has been viewed on and still mobile phone is on the list.


This image is showing how all the traffic is working with video from the very moment it was uploaded. YouTube made a suggestion to watch this video and was rarely on the featured video.  Once again mobile phone is on the list at 3rd and tell us that only 1939 people have ever searched for the title in the search engine of YouTube.


Looking at the likes and dislikes, USA have given me the most dislikes but when you break it down it work out roughly the same with the other countries but Australia are another at 4 likes and 3 dislikes.


This is the table for the most favourites . UK are at the top which is surprising because USA always had more in everything by quite a fair few as well.


In it’s whole lifetime this video have been up , it has only been shared 7 times! Facebook was my gut instincts to the at the top.


This image is the number of comments from different countries and again USA are at the top and UK 3 comments behind. The sum total is 108 comments.


I cannot retrieve any information about the gender.

viewThis is the message that is given.


Looking at all the information above i shows that USA has the most power over all the other countries just purely on statistics that I have shown. UK I would have presumed would have been high because I am based in the UK but it was second majority of the time and have to consider the size of USA too.

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