Spreadable Media Conclusion

Looking back at my experience with spreadable media I have found it very interesting and still room to learn a lot more.

Artefact 1 – Tom playing Andy McKee Drifting

Looking at this it has done pretty well for 1 month of being uploaded for a month. The views are coming up to 250 and has room for more. Once this video is out there properly hoping it would just share itself.


Artefact 2 – Physics of Parkour 

This video I would say is the most the worse because it is explaining. It would only be good for people that want to learn a certain topic of physics because it is a break down video and the views you do search for it would find it very useful but to others is is not to appealing at all. Maybe changing the style of presentation but to what was the question that baffled me. It was hard to making something that was going to take a while to film and calculate exciting.


Artefact 3 – Andy McKee Drifting Tutorial

This tutorial is very unique because there is no talking and learning is done visually. This was a project that was uploaded a few days ago and this project was broken into 6 parts. Each part has roughly the same amount of views as each other so it does show people are watching it in the fashion I would like.


Artefact 1 is probably the best artefact I have uploaded and the view count is still going up. The other 2 will take time since they have only been on there for less than 2 days so once they have got there established then hopefully the view count will increase. But saying that, neither of the three artefacts will spread around the world like a viral video should. Using different techniques would also help massively to just increase the appearance of the videos and this means learning more and getting the grasp of it.


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1 Response to Spreadable Media Conclusion

  1. pearmana says:

    How have you found the project as a whole then? I have checked out your artefacts and they seem to have come along pretty well. Just wondering how you found it all in the end.

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