My name is Nabeel and I am 23 years old. I am currently studying at University of Salford undertaking MSc Digital Media –  Video, Audio and Social Technology. I have recently completed a program at Liverpool John Moores University where I studied BSc Digital Broadcasting and Media Systems. My aim is to become a Digital Broadcast Engineer where I will be handling, maintaining and setting up studios as this what I am interested in. Also broadcasting live football matches around the country or even work on bigger projects such as the #F1, Olympics and World Cups would be a dream come true.

I have many different interests ranging from sports to technology… Football would have to my favourite sport and Derby County is my favourite team but we are rubbish but when looking in to the Premier League I would have to say Manchester United because…. there is no reason I just LOVE them 😀 #GGMU #ManUTD. Lets not forget about Jose Mourinho… I support him everywhere he goes!!!! And yes I hate Barcalona its all about Real Madrid!!!!!!!! #halamadrid #realmadrid

Other interest I have would be technology, any kind of technology. What I really enjoy about technology would have to be the rate everything is moving and the rate everything is getting distributed. Its getting to the point it’s hard to keep up haha.


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