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Update About Social Media Sites Used

I am just giving everyone a head up on what social media site I am currently using and many other social platforms out there I am a part of. Facebook: Twitter: Sound Cloud: WordPress: Flickr: YouTube (Personal): YouTube Uni: … Continue reading

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Digital Identity to a different level

As we already know and I have mentioned in previous posts about the dangers of Digital Identities and the problems it can inflict of peoples lives. Well I was reading the news and I had come across this horrible article and explains an … Continue reading

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Spreadable Media

Today we had a guest who will be doing a presentation about Spreadable Media. Our guest name is Hue Garry. The title of the presentation was called “Everything is Permeable”. We was given a few examples and one that stood out the most … Continue reading

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Everything is a Remix

This is a document we was recommended to watch from out lecture at university. I’m pleased and want to thank her for this because it is telling you how everything humans have created or anything that has been ground breaking … Continue reading

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Problem With Digital Identity

I had recently posted a blog about my university lecture about Digital Identity… Well what I explained was how to come up with a Digital Identity for yourself in a professional manor and various other social media website that are about where … Continue reading

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Week One – Digital Culture, Digital Identity

Today at university was a very interesting lesson because I will be learning about social media in more depth whilst using a Digital Identity. As a user of social media and understand how different users use it was totally different … Continue reading

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Since this is one of the few posts I have ever done in my life I am going to try and search for my username on Google and see if it does find me and if it does what page … Continue reading

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