Audio Production Catch Up

Talking from a previous post saying we have plugged everything into Pro Tools, well finally have sorted out all of the levels and added any sound that is required. Well we have completed the final mix and also the making of video. This includes the 5.1 surround mix and the stereo mix.

We just need to burn it on to a DVD and make sure it is compatible with our DVD player and hand it in. Only thing remaining is the technical report that needs to be complete and once that is done then I am a free man 🙂

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8ft Dash Vault – Video Analytic

I will be discussing the video analytics behind my video. It has been uploaded for 5 years and since i’ve never check the figures so I thought id just share it.

Firstly here is the video


Here the the view count and looking back at a previous post of mine called “My Experience and Thoughts of YouTube” dating back to 31st October 2012. It clearly shows there is a problem with the view count but working but when search for the video on YouTube it give a different count. From 66,747 at the end of October and 66,867 current shows it is still getting watched but at a steady pace.

30 days

In the last 30 days it shows the video has been watched 30 times working out to be around 6 minutes.

EngagementHere is a little information about the engagement of the video over 5 years. It has accumulated over 100 likes and a few dislikes. With over 100 comment with some of them silly but funny and video has been shared 7 times. People have even added the video to there favourites but 17 viewers sadly removed it.


Looking at the map above it just shows off a few of the top countries that have watched my video. America are leading with 18k+ and UK with 9k+. It just shows the video went over seas and did very well and with some of the local countries in Europe only have a few 2000 and below. This indicated that America are more into Parkour or they just enjoy surfing YouTube.


Looking at the average view duration and knowing the duration of the video is 11 seconds long it indicates the average is 111.7% which means everybody watched the full duration of the video and even more. Pretty proud of that.


The image above is representing the lifetime of the video and just shows you exactly where my video has been played and sitting on top is YouTube. surprising my the video has been watched on a  mobile phone more time than embedded player. I would have though from sharing it would have been second. Then finally YouTube channel page at the bottom.


Even in the last 30 days it shows the platforms the video has been viewed on and still mobile phone is on the list.


This image is showing how all the traffic is working with video from the very moment it was uploaded. YouTube made a suggestion to watch this video and was rarely on the featured video.  Once again mobile phone is on the list at 3rd and tell us that only 1939 people have ever searched for the title in the search engine of YouTube.


Looking at the likes and dislikes, USA have given me the most dislikes but when you break it down it work out roughly the same with the other countries but Australia are another at 4 likes and 3 dislikes.


This is the table for the most favourites . UK are at the top which is surprising because USA always had more in everything by quite a fair few as well.


In it’s whole lifetime this video have been up , it has only been shared 7 times! Facebook was my gut instincts to the at the top.


This image is the number of comments from different countries and again USA are at the top and UK 3 comments behind. The sum total is 108 comments.


I cannot retrieve any information about the gender.

viewThis is the message that is given.


Looking at all the information above i shows that USA has the most power over all the other countries just purely on statistics that I have shown. UK I would have presumed would have been high because I am based in the UK but it was second majority of the time and have to consider the size of USA too.

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First vblog

This is my first video blog. Sorry about the video quality, it was recorded using YouTube webcam recorder because mine is not working and don’t have the CD to set it up.

But here it is

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Spreadable Media Artefact 3

Artefact 3 is finally complete.

This is basically the physics behind Parkour but using my video that is already uploaded on YouTube. I got a friend that understand physics and is a master student at Manchester University doing Mechanical Engineering. He helps me put together a video fore the viewer that want to understand how to work out mechanics behind something like the video. It would be very useful for them and my friend will be on camera and explaining the stages because I don’t understand all the terminology he will be using and where to use them without stuttering. This would just ruin the video.

The problem with this has turned into the rendering stage because the very is around 12 – 15 mins long. I just need a faster computer.

Once the video is rendered and uploaded life would be good!!!

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Spreadable Media Artefact 2

As I mentioned in a previous blog about obtaining all of the footage for my artefacts….. well the editing part did not seem too hard and the videos are very basic. This is only because I don’t usually do editing and it certainly is not my strong point but I do understand the basics to edit.

This artefact is my friend is giving a tutorial of Andy McKee Drifting but learn visually instead of him stopping and talking every 2 mins and he just played the song but with different camera angles.

So I have just finished editing the footage and how have to render the video but the problem is the duration of these renders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rederingThis is the duration I have to wait but not to worry it is only going up!!! So it seems like I will have to wait around for the video to be rendered and the best thing is all the other parts to this video don’t require any editing and we caught it all in one take and has made this a lot simpler.

Program Used

To edit my videos I opted for Sony Vegas Pro 11 because this is the only one that work on my laptop! I was originally going to use Pro Tools 10 but do not have access to it and my second option was to use Adobe Premiere but that requires a 64bit computer and unfortunately mine is a 32bit so Sony Vegas it is.

The copy I used is a trail version and worked wonders for me. But not exactly the greatest.

Camera Used

The use of the good old iPhone 4s. These clip are recorded using a mobile phone becuase of the way the tutorial is laid out. The whole point of the video is to capture the sequence played in different parts so the views can see what string is getting played at what moment. Since it is a tutorial of a song, we decided to break up the videos into different parts that you need to learn. In total their will be 6 parts to this video.

Reason behind so many clips

The main reason behind it is to do a little experiment and see it the viewers continue watching all the parts one after another. This would be a good test to see if the video content is actually good or is it doomed from the very beginning.

The use of YouTube 

This clips will be uploaded to YouTube. The reason I choose YouTube has to be because there so many different tutorials on there and instantly there is competition. Also, with YouTube it is possible to add captions and since their are 6 different files I could link them all together so the viewer have no choice but to watch the video and the excuse of… “I can’t find part 2” … is out of the equation (well that’s the whole point, may not even work). Using key words would help and with my artefact 1 being the same video but just broken down into stages helps because they already know the person behind the guitar and if they do like him then surely the will watch on and learn from him just watching visually.

The use of social technology

Facebook and Twitter would be the main social media sites that will be used. Here I have my friend list and the options to share or re-tweet and will prove vital. The whole purpose if  putting these videos on the net is to see how well these videos will spread. The use of my blog will also be important since I have a people from around the world reading my work. I will be using the Rogan Board and it did help increase the view counts. Consider using Reddit but and see how well it goes on there.

I’m still waiting for a exact time for this to be finished!!!!Render 2This video clip is only 1 mins 20 seconds and worrying part is my artefact is around 12-15 mins long!!!!!! Need a faster computer big time!

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Spreadable Media Artefact 1 Analytics’s

With my first artefact, it was my friend Tom playing Andy McKee and was uploaded on 9th Dec 2012. It has been 1 month since this video has been uploaded to I decided to have a look a the analytic’s behind the video.

ImageSo looking at the image above it shows there have been 217 viewers since this video has been uploaded.

The method used to spread my media was though Facebook, Twitter, Blog and asking friends to share. The moment I placed the video on the Rogan Board it was then the views shot up but now it has slowed down and it gets a view here and there. This video has not influenced anybody to subscribe to the channel.


Here are the other statistics of the video after 1 month. 3 likes and 4 shares… not bad lol


Here is the view stats of the video. I believe that the views here may have got influenced by the Rogan Board because it is a forum website so therefore could explain the countries with the few hits. UK at the top because I am from the UK and all my friend contacts on social media are mainly based in the UK with the odd family friends else where.


The statistic above show, this video has been watched using a embedded player. As I previously mentioned how it could be linked to Rogan Board well the statistic are all there. Embedded player on other websites, That accumulated almost half of the views. Facebook and Twitter played part in this specific statistic. Surprising mobile devices have a few hits, this could be me or my mates shows our other friends the view as we don’t have a laptop or a desktop on site!!


Here is the average of how long people are listening to the audio piece that I have uploaded. As you can see the average was only 41sec from a 2:17 min video. I believe this is soo low partly because of  the duration of the video and it is only someone playing the guitar and people have already seen guitar players and this is just adding to the collection. Having 41 seconds is good because you can turn it of when you want but actually listening to it for a about a min if more than enough.


Trying to get information about the demography is causing a problem as it is not available again and has not been though out my work so I can’t understand the full extent of the video. Age group and gender would be important because it would be possible to do research and see what age groups watch the video and to see if it is mails or females that watch it.

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Spreadable Media Project – Update

Finally, I have all the recording done for my spreadable media project. All that need to be done is the editing.

As I am required to put on 2 more different artefacts instead there will be a 4 or 5 as I have recorded it using a mobile phone. This project is a tutorial video off Andy Mckee – Drifting played by my friend, but has been done in a way where their is no talking but instead just showing a close up view of what strings he is hitting and secondly he was not up for talking in the video and argued his case… as he learns using videos off YouTube he hates it when they talk and how its annoying so decided to take another approach and see how well this method of learning is.

The second artefact is another video for YouTube. I have a video on YouTube that was uploaded about 5 years ago and the view rate is quite high. So I decided to create a tutorial video about the clip and including the physics behind that jump. I’ve never done a tutorial video before but I am looking forward to see these responses.

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Audio Post Production

We have finally got all the samples together and have been plugged into out finally project. All we have remaining is the mix, surround sound and creating a making of video. We may have to create one or two more foley just to make the project sound better but it is not too much of a issue..

The mix and surround sound will all come in due time but finding time as a group is essential. I feel that we have done all we can so far but their is still a long way to go to completing this project but allowing ourself around 3 or 4 day max it would be 100% complete. But nothing till after new years now according to our plan of action.

I cant wait, cause this project is good fun and brand new to me and I am surprised at what I am capable of doing as this is totally brand new to me. It just shows if you work hard at it you will just adapt to the situation and you will pick up new skills quickly 🙂


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Spreadable Media – Post One

I have finally uploaded my very first artefact for the module on to YouTube. (there are many more videos that have been uploaded from our class mates so click here to see them :D)

This artefact I have uploaded is a video of my friend playing a Justin King song on his guitar. It is impressive and is unique the way he plays. He is playing his guitar and slapping it at the same damn time!!

It has been uploaded for one day already and has accumulated 14 views so far. I want this to spread because it is very good and sure people would admire his work.

Here is the link for the video

Hope you enjoy it, don’t forget to leave comments and likes :p

How I plan to spread?

I have uploaded the video on to YouTube and the key to spreading this video would have to be the tags and words. Example Acoustic, Guitar and also the title I have used, I TRIED to make it unique by using the words like Justin King as he is a popular search.

The other way I have is using Twitter and to shorten the URL so it fits in one tweet. I will be using this as a way to spread as I am trying to create a network for myself where I will get people within the same field or even random people to follow me to either re-tweet my work amongst their users.

Facebook is important as I have already built a network on there over the years and have already got friends and family from different parts of the world. I feel this is important because it is a way to spread amongst a bigger audience. So I have shared the link over Facebook and gave it to friends to share.. We will see what happens from there.

I usually go on this forum called The Rogan Board and you can upload videos on to there so I have uploaded the video and we shall see what happen from there. This site has been around for a while and has a massive audience but there is little you can do from there apart from just wait and see the views increase over night.

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Talking about Week 4 – Troll

Week 4 we had a guest speaker and she was talking about Brazilian Culture and the one subject that cause my eye the most was the troll.

If you’re not aware of troll, well I have attached this link so have a quick read. To me it is the internet tough guy and will always be there and will irritate you!! It can be done in real life with your friends, you can troll them into believing something that is absolutely daft or making him does something that you clearly shouldn’t do but you made out it is safe.

I was just on the internet and this video has gone viral and has accumulated over 34 million views. This is just a massive troll and is shot in Brazil. We was told from our guest speaker that trolling is not considered too much of a problem but in the UK it is. I find this very astonishing because it is just wrong.

I have attached two videos about this so called “troll” and it is not the greatest situation to be in.

This video was from a few years back but here is another example of a troll which I find ridiculous and do feel sorry for the woman, but it is humorous at the same time.

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